Tickets Bar, Barcelona (part 2/2 – dessert room)

✵✵✵ ✵✵✵


Tapas at Tickets was pretty spiffy but then we were ushered to the dessert room and blown away once more.

No.29 San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016

1 ✻ Michelin Guide 2016

The table was quite tempted to order everything on the menu but unfortunately some were not available so we had no choice but to substitute the missing desserts with more cocktails and beer. (who the fuck goes to a bar and orders just one beer or one cocktail? reservations here weren’t easy like crack whores or lesser establishments so we sure as hell weren’t leaving till we were done)

Didn’t quite get everything in photos. CW from top left,

  1. The Rose, lychee and raspberry sphere, with a rosewater gelatine. I had this and it was quite exquisite. There’s a little quivering sphere at the top of the rose which you bring to your mouth and consume in one bite.
  2. Tickets’ baklava: philo pastry with pistachio and orange blossom honey
  3. Gofio sponge cake with a corn cob “baby”
  4. Bread with oil and chocolate: nitrogen ice cream at the moment with chocolate, emulsified with olive oil, accompanied with bread toasted to Josper
  5. Ciudade de deus cocktail
  6. Pink Flamingo cocktail (basically a G&T with shiso liqueur or something like that, pretty damn good)
  7. trippy ceiling at the dessert room

overall, the bill for four came up to about 360 euros which is nothing at all given the quality and standing of the restaurant and the sheer quantity of food and drinks ordered. needless to say, it was totally packed, full house from 7-midnight. Advanced reservations are absolutely essential though. don’t bother to call or email unless you’re a head honcho at Michelin or SP, get a computer with reliable internet connection and wait. the window is 3 months if my memory serves me well and you will probably need to camp at the website to snatch up a table when the site refreshes at midnight spanish time. But why stress when you can easily get someone to do it for you? Alternatively, (and this is a great tip I use all the time), book yourself a nice suite at a reputable hotel and the concierge will be happy to settle all your bookings for you if you ask nicely. (don’t count on that dodgy airbnb guy to get you even a bad table at a place like that – it just doesn’t work that way)


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