I started this site as a personal record of restaurants I visited since August 16, but I’d be more than delighted if you find my notes useful.

I love to travel, I go crazy about cars, ferragamo driving shoes and good whisky. If only i had a $250M trust fund and an F50.

100% restaurant reviews only. Red guide and SP top 50. no dumb travel posts, hawker reviews and other bullshit. typos, badly taken photos and infrequent posts thrown in for free.

Pls dnt call me foodie or i cry

Upcoming reviews (recently visited/reservations secured):

  • backlog:
  • Disfrutar ✻ | Barcelona
  • Restaurante Mina ✻ | Bilbao
  • reservations secured:
  • Shinji ✻ | Singapore
  • upcoming (June):
  • Geranium ✻✻✻ W.28
  • Relae ✻ W.40
  • Studio at The Standard ✻
  • Formel B ✻
  • Amass ✻
  • Kadeau ✻
  • 108