personal ratings

In order to streamline my personal impressions of restaurants, I’ve opted to use an eight-pointed star ✵ to denote the quality of restaurants.

  • ✵ – fuck no
  • ✵✵ – last resort
  • ✵✵✵ – decent
  • ✵✵✵✵ – good times
  • ✵✵✵✵✵ – really great stuff
  • ✵✵✵✵✵✵ – top notch world class exclusive fun. pack your bags and charter your ZettaJet immediately

a note on my ratings: in order to dispel all confusion about my ratings, i think it’s important to note that my ratings are principally correlated to the overall ‘enjoyability’ of the restaurant. naturally, fine food does make a significant difference to the enjoyment of any meal, but it should be noted that fine food in and of itself is not a deal-making factor and restaurants that do receive more of my eight-pointed stars chiefly indicate a pleasurable experience overall – that is to say, fine food is served alongside impressive drinks and by a competent and knowledgeable FOH in a great ambience that exudes ceremony and perhaps even a sense of exclusivity. these are several important factors that come to mind when i give a personal rating.